In November 2015, students at Falinge Park High School were given the opportunity to learn about one of the world’s most interesting mummies. During the STEM club, which is run on a weekly basis, the staff of the Science Faculty introduced students to Ötzi the iceman. The well-preserved body of this Neolithic man was discovered in 1991 by two hikers in Italy. The uniqueness of the find made this mummy a world-wide sensation and gave insight into a world that has long since vanished. The belongings of Ötzi were equally intriguing, and the focus of the STEM club for the following two weeks was his shoes. Using the design of the original shoe and carefully selected substitute materials, students made replicates of the ancient shoe. They created a variety of imaginative and innovative samples of their own interpretation of the 5,300 year old shoe, all the while developing an appreciation of the hard work and originality of this early human.